Brooklyn Maternity Session – Michelle + John

I’ve said it before and I’ll just keep saying it again (and again, and again)… there really isn’t a bigger honor than being invited to document all of our clients most precious life moments. We had the privilege of capturing Michelle and John’s wedding and I absolutely loved catching up with them for their maternity session!! Can’t wait to meet their babe!!We took a couple photos for Michelle’s blog, Feeding an Italian! I definitely recommend checking it out- so many yummy recipes!!One of my favorite parts of this session was going back to their wedding venue and taking a few shots of them in front of this same backdrop we took portraits in front of on their wedding day!!

Prospect Park – Fall Mini Sessions

Such a fun morning spent with these sweet families!! It was definitely CHILLY out, but everyone bundled up and we all kept ourselves warm by running around  🙂 Really loving all the family sessions that have been rolling in over the last few years… These little humans grow so dang fast and mini sessions are the perfect way to document the different stages/seasons of their lives!

Spencer Family- NYC

Man, I love family sessions! I had so much fun hanging out with this adorable crew  🙂 Autumn in NYC is as good as it gets and we had a blast wandering through Central Park and The Highline. Evan had the sweetest little personality! I’m pretty sure this age is my favorite to photograph as you can see them discovering new things right in front of you and they are starting to become super mobile  🙂 (which kept us all on our toes! ha!)

What an incredible honor to document such a special time in their lives!

Guimera Family- Santa Monica

Guimera_Family-3203It doesn’t really get much cuter than this  🙂  Now that quite a few of our wedding clients are starting families, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to capture their littles and this insanely beautiful time in their lives!! This family warms my heart every time I see them and we had such a fun morning wandering around Santa Monica!!

** Huge shout out to Mother Nature for offering up this gorgeous softbox of a sky 🙂  **Guimera_Family-3727Guimera_Family_Blog_3063_3291Guimera_Family-3488Guimera_Family_Blog_3059_3107Guimera_Family-3100Guimera_Family-3744Guimera_Family-4144Guimera_Family_Blog_4201_4204Guimera_Family-3709Guimera_Family-3754Guimera_Family_Blog_3191_3209Guimera_Family-3272Guimera_Family-3830Guimera_Family_Blog_3863_4101Guimera_Family-3777Guimera_Family-3244Guimera_Family_Blog_3097_3460Guimera_Family-3936Guimera_Family_Blog_3093_3104Guimera_Family-4053Guimera_Family-3820Guimera_Family_Blog_3069_3072Guimera_Family-3422Guimera_Family-3140Guimera_Family-3782Guimera_Family_Blog_3336_3661Guimera_Family-3281Guimera_Family-3619Guimera_Family-3791Guimera_Family_Blog_4305_4429Guimera_Family-3883Guimera_Family-3373Guimera_Family_Blog_3048_3112Guimera_Family-3734Guimera_Family-3139Guimera_Family-3271Guimera_Family_Blog_3558_4130Guimera_Family-4190Guimera_Family-3902Guimera_Family-3164Guimera_Family_Blog_4106_4349Guimera_Family-3980Guimera_Family-3512Guimera_Family_Blog_3388_3451Guimera_Family-3993Guimera_Family-3639Guimera_Family-4083Guimera_Family_Blog_3665_3806Guimera_Family-3534Guimera_Family-4218