Drummy Family


I love this family. So much. Ashley was one of the first friends I made when Tim and I moved out to LA in 2011 and we were both nurturing new business ventures. We’ve watched each other grow, succeed, and make mistakes- we’ve had countless hours of conversation over ‘hikes’ (but mostly over food), she’s held my hand through tears of confusion and frustration, and has always, always been a major support system along the way. Seeing Ashley and Danny as parents is the most wonderful and most natural thing in all the land. They seem to treat this new adventure with grace and ease and it’s inspiring to say the least…

And Archer?? He’s (not surprisingly) one of the cutest kids in all the land and just happens to be as calm and sweet natured as his folks. I can’t wait to watch this little guy grow and am so very honored to have had the opportunity to document this incredible time in their lives!

Drummy_Family_2016_0004Drummy_Family_2016_0066Drummy_Family_2016_0006Drummy_Family_Blog_12_56Drummy_Family_2016_0127Drummy_Family_2016_0109Drummy_Family_2016_0023Drummy_Family_Blog_161_303Drummy_Family_2016_0073Drummy_Family_2016_0026Drummy_Family_Blog_82_50Drummy_Family_2016_0179Drummy_Family_2016_0100Drummy_Family_2016_0265Drummy_Family_Blog_214_231Drummy_Family_2016_0008Drummy_Family_2016_0336Drummy_Family_Blog_349_468Drummy_Family_2016_0326Drummy_Family_2016_0341Drummy_Family_Blog_393_460Drummy_Family_2016_0357Drummy_Family_2016_0566Drummy_Family_Blog_447_544I think he was trying to let me know he was done with the session  🙂Drummy_Family_2016_0420Drummy_Family_Blog_466_555Drummy_Family_2016_0368Drummy_Family_Blog_389_390Drummy_Family_2016_0592Drummy_Family_Blog_332_430Drummy_Family_2016_0327Drummy_Family_2016_0379Drummy_Family_2016_0415Drummy_Family_2016_0604Drummy_Family_2016_0563

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